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Welcome to site of Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh renowned cosmetic surgeon and female and male genital reconstructive surgeon.Who has described many newer techniques in the field of Cosmetic surgery including a new procedure in field of hair restoration surgery.

The procedure is published in British Journal of Plastic Surgery- Supragaleal placement of expander in management of alopecia(Baldness).
Click here to read it online on official website of Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

At our center you get all types of treatment for hair problems of any part of body.Our treatment are
1.Hair restoration for baldness

In males
In males the baldness is usually male pattern type.it is mostly genetic and there is no treatment except use of different hair bearing  flaps or hair graft.

Hair bearing scalp flaps

Hair bearing scalp flaps are  used for anterior loss of hair.The skin from lateral aspect of scalp is transferred to anterior side.
Hair grafting

In the procedure of hair grafting hair are taken from the posterior aspect of scalp and implanted on bald area.

2.Hair removal from whole body or face

What is hair grafting?
Hair grafting means harvesting the hair from posterior aspect of scalp (Head) ,and insert them in the anterior bald area.Usually naterior aspect of the head is bald ,while the posterior aspect is not bald and retains the hair.

For harvesting the hair one strip of skin with hair is taken from posterior aspect of head and the stitching is done to close the defect.

Then microdissection is done and one by one hair roots are dissected.

After this  in the bald area multiple holes are created in which one by one hair is pushed.


Hair weaving

Hair weaving or bonding is a nonsurgical procedure in which human hair of other persons are taken and weaved or bonded on your head  giving instant appearance of rich hair on scalp.

We are having facility of hair weaving and bonding for both males as well as females.

Dr VP's hair restoration programme
Usually hair grafting is done unmindful, whether it would be successful or not.Hair grafting is indicated in few cases only.hair restoration by flaps transfer gives good results in few others .And hair weaving may be good option in others.In our programme we analyze the patient as a whole and determine which process would be best.This type of assessment is not done by most hair graft clinics as they are not directed by cosmetic surgeons.

After assessment and analyzing a procedure ,we give options .Mind it hair graft may not be of much use in all patients .

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