Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.

Breast Enlargement

Endoscopic Breast enlargement for the first time in India by Dr Vishwa Prakash ,a renowned genital reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon  who has originated the techniques,and described the newer technique by which a larger breast can be created up to 44 size or even more without complications.

Ladies from foreign countries may ask for concessional rates

College going girls may also ask for concessional rates.

Breast are most important part of beauty of a woman.Large and well shaped breast add beauty to a lady.But many a times the lady is not gifted with natural large and shapely breast.For such ladies ,it becomes important to go for some therapies for enhancing the size of breast and make them shapely.Almost all film heroines and other personalities go for breast enhancement in their life .

What are the therapies for breast enhancement

1.Padded bra
Padded bra -Cost 250 to 1000 depending upon the material.Even costlier bra are available studded with gold and diamond .Email vpagarwal@gmail.com.

2.Drug therapies
Drug therapies-cost 2500 per month .causes enhancement of boobs ,bt not much.At least 3 months course is recommended .Email vpagarwal@gmail.com

3.Cosmetic surgery
Cosmetic Surgery -By cosmetic surgery the breast implants are placed inside the boob and usually 2 bra size is achieved .

4. Dr VP's endoscopic subpectoral enhancement of boobs cup to 44 to 54 size
By this newer method the size of boobs can be increased up to 44 or bigger .It is newer method by which boobs can be enlarged to large size .Because lady wants bigger size when she is going for enhancement of boobs .This was not possible till now in one stage ,but by using the endoscopic subpectoral enhancement larger boobs can be achieved .

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