Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.

Complete Revirgination

This is our exclusive procedure.And very affordable.

Complete Revirgination = Hymen Restoration+Vagina Tightening+Correction of Labia Majora.

In this procedure three things are done hymen is created,vagina is tightened and flaring of labia majora is corrected resulting in complete revirgination.

As you might already be aware that during first sex not only hymen is torn , vagina is lax but female genitals are as a whole loose leading to labia majora to splay apart so COMPLETE REVIRGINATION is required .

"What can be more safe than getting Revirginity/HYMENOPLASTY surgery done by a Plastic Surgeon who has defined technique of doing HYMENOPLASTY to the whole world, provides training on Hymenoplasty to other Plastic Surgeons and has authored multiple books and research papers on the topic  of Female Genital Reconstruction"

Hymenoplasty or Revirgination
There is lot of confusion among hymenoplasty and revirgination.Till now everybody thought that hymenoplasty and revirgination are same. Hymenoplasty simply means creation of hymen which has been torn during first insertion of penis or penis like structure. I say penis like structure because insertion of didlo for masturbation also tears the hymen.

But question arises that only hymen is torn during first insertion of penis or penis like structure.
Answer is No

When something is inserted for the first time ,hymen is torn,vagina becomes loose and superficial perineal muscles which are attached to perineal body tear leading to a depression just below vaginal opening -VPS groove or depression as we have named it.This VPs groove is sign of loss of virginity and not the hymen.Hymen sometimes is torn during heavy exercises also,but this depression can never occur without insertion of  penis

So it is not hymenoplasty but Revirgination which is the need of the females .

In the following girl labia majora is not well developed.labia minora are very big.She needs fat graft for labia majora and labia minora reduction. 
Before Complete Revirgination.

You can see loose vagina and hymeneal remnants. 

After Hymenoplasty Surgery, now you cant see vaginal opening.

After complete revirgination the genital hiatus is reduced.And you can see the minora appeared to be less prominent giving prettier look to sexual organs .She had come for one day only so we did not do fat graft or reduction of labia minora.

The following girl has well developed labia majora ,cute labia minora but large clitoral hood.She has to undergo hoodectomy operation, other wise not only her genitals are not pretty looking,she wont get the pleasure of sex.

After Hymenoplasty 

After Complete Revirgination, see that genitals hiatus is reduced.

Read frequently asked question before Revigination here

No stay is required at hospital,just come to hospital get your surgery done and go to home.There will be no scar of any type after surgery.Nobody can come to know about surgery.

There is no side effect of any type on your health .It is completely safe and 100% successful.

Surgery will be done in a well established Hospital. 

We provide 100% secrecy to our patients,No private information of any type is required.

Exclusive Photos.
Can not be copied in any form.

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Before Surgery                                                         After Surgery

Hymenovaginoplasty and correction of flaring of labia minora.

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