Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.

Depressed Nose

Depressed nose is one of the commonest deformity of the nose.The nose dorsum is depressed and thats why it looks unsightly.

How to find out that nose is depressed and how much?

Depressed nose looks unsightly.There are different variations of depressions .Once depression of the nose is confirmed,the management starts .For correction of depression some of the material is to be placed over the dorsum of the nose

What are the materials?

The materails may be taken from the own body-bone or cartilage also known as softer bone

Or it may not be part of body like silicon implants

Most of the  plastic surgeons from developed countries advice use of bone from own body,however author has found that in indian patients silicon implants do very well ,and it is due to thicker and robust skin

The disadvantage of taking bone or softer bone is that there is scar on other part of body and also the bone may become less over the years ,which is not true with silicon implants .

The depression of nose,corrected by implant

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