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Diabetic Foot

Avoid Amputation of limb in diabetes by Dr VP's programme

Welcome to site of Dr Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh an innovative plastic surgeon who has developed various procedures like procedure for hymenoplasty,procedure for revirgination surgery, for diabetic impotence etc .He has developed various procedures for management of diabetic foot also by which several patients from around the globe have benefitted in getting rid off pain on foot and many limbs could be saved from amputation.

What is diabetic foot?
Pain on foot,various deformities,burning and different wounds over foot due to diabetes is known as diabetic foot.Unfortunately only wounds over foot in diabetes are considered as diabetic foot while pain and burning are most commonly seen ,in almost all diabetic patients ,and are not taken into consideration
pain over foot is taken as incuarble,but now researches have proved that pain over feet in diabetics is due to nerve involvement which are compressed and such pain can be improved easily by nerve decompression in almost all patients .

Dr VP's programme of avoiding foot amputation.

We have found that knowledge about wounds over feet in diabetics is incomplete and most of the time the doctor treats the patient in wrong manner.

Whatever  wound is there over foot in diabetics is due to blockage of vessels of varying sizes.As a laymen you think.If some of the arteries are blocked resulting in dead skin and the wound,What should be treatment? To increase the blood supply.But your doctor never does so.He goes on amputating the toes,then fore foot then below knee ,and then above knee.Has he ever tried to increase the blood supply.Answer is no.And here is the inadequate treatment .

Can you in increase the blood supply,because all vessels are blocked??

Yes there are three methods by which you can increase the blood supply

1.By decompressing the neurovascualr bundle /Posterior tibial nereve and arteries are compressed in trsal tunnel and decsreases the blood supply.I first time proved that by reeasing he artery from tarsal tunnel,the blood supply of foot can be increased

2.Distal foot revascularization

I have used the alternate channels to incraese he blood supply.And it definitely helps.Increase the blood supply and the wund will hel auomatically.

3.More angiogenesis by stem cells

By injecting autogenous stem cells ,the arterial genesis starts and blood supply increases

You will be amazed to know that your doctor has not done anything to increase blood supply.he has gone on amputating the feet

Our programme

I do all three things together and has saved many feet from being amputation.


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