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Diabetic Foot FAQ

Frequently asked questions
Question. My father /mother /myself is having wound over feet for last one month.Dressings are being done .VAC therapy has been used.Costly antibiotics are being used .Doctor has advised for amputation .We have spent over one lac in a month over drugs and other charges .What to do?

My answer

Such questions are asked not only from India but almost every country.In all cases I say You are not being treated rationally.People become annoyed.In the conference of Lower limb reconstructive surgeons ,everybody was amazed, when I presented my work and said that diabetic wounds are not properly treated. I published a paper in PRS (American Journal of Plastic Surgery) raising a point  that whether we are properly treating the diabetic wounds .

Just to explain
Diabetic wounds are due to decreased blood supply or reduced sensations. It results in loss of skin and wound over feet.What doctor is doing -dressings and antibotics .What he is doing for increasing the blood , increasing the sensations and ,to provide the skin cover which is lost
Absolutely nothing

He is just doing dressings ,amputations and antibiotics.And all these things are not going to incerase blood supply,increase sensations nor provide slin cover

Then how to wounds will heal ?

It will never heal in most of the cases

What we are doing and have saved hundreds of feet from round the world

1.Increase the blood supply-by distal foot revscaularization

2.Increase the senstaions by Posterior tibial neurolysis

3.Provide skin cover with skin graft or flap

You your self would agree that this should be the rational treatment for a diabetic wound

In most of cases the patinet come in morning ,gets the surgery done and go back in evening .Come for few more dressings and every thing healed .
Total cost comes less than what has laready spent unnecessarily on dressings and antibiotics


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