Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.


Abdominal Hernia Repair WITHOUT using MESH !!!

A completely new concept in HERNIA repair,we use Component Separation Technique in which abdominal wall is reconstructed and made stronger there is no need of MESH.

Dr. Vishwa Prakash who is one of few surgeons in the world who is reconstructive surgeon and expert of endoscopic reconstruction.He is person who is doing hernia reconstruction by component separation technique using endoscopic techniques.There is no need of mesh in this technique.However if abdomen is also loose ,skin can also be removed at the same time

Why Abdominal Hernia occurs?

Ans. Hernia is protrusion of intestine or any other contents of abdomen out of abdominal wall.This is due to weakness of abdominal muscles.The hernia may be acquired or congenital.Acquired hernia are always due to weakness of abdominal wall.

Till now a MESH is used to be placed over the weakened area of abdomen.

But, that acts as a patch.The weak abdominal wall still remain as such weak.It is against the principles of treatment.Chances of Recurrence and infection also High because of use of foreign material(MESH).

In our Technique no MESH is used.We reconstruct abdominal wall and strengthened it.

In simple terms we correct the weakness of abdominal wall without using any MESH.

There are many benefits of not using MESH


2.Very less chances of infection.

3.Very less chances of recurrence.

4.Loose abdomen gets corrected  and abdominal wall is strengthened.

However, if abdominal wall is not loose, then  we do laparoscopic hernia repair in which also we usually dont like to use mesh but use autogenous strengthening procedures.Dr vishwa Prakash is first plastic surgeon in the world who has got fellowship in minimal invasive surgery and is well versed and doing laparoscopic hernia treatment.So,we recommend that if with hernia the abdomen is very loose ,then abdominal wall looseness should be corrected , if abdominal wall is not loose then laparoscopic hernia repair should be done ,but usually without mesh.

Before Surgery

After Surgery

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