Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.

Hymenoplasty Training


 "Hymenoplasty-How to do?"

The only research paper in the whole world which defines the technique of doing HYMENOPLASTY along with SURGERY PHOTOS,written by Dr.Vishwa Prakash and published in Indian Journal of Surgery.

Training for HYMENOPLASTY.

  "Get trained by Plastic Surgeon who has defined a technique of doing HYMENOPLASTY."

We invite applications for training in hymenoplasty and revirgination surgery.

Different courses are
1.Fellowship in hymenoplasty and revirgination.

Duration - 3 day

Course curriculum

First day -Lectures about hymenoplasty,what is hymen ,what is revirgination ,anatomy of sex muscle bulospongiosus along with exercises on simulator under direct gyidance of Dr vishwa Prakash in one to one sessions.Only one candidate per session .

Second and third day -Direct exposure to live clinical cases in opertaion theatre ,in which opportunity to assist is given

What we expect-At end of 3 days we expect you to perform the surgery confidently.

Date of starting-Every month from first saturday.

For details you can contact Dr Vishwa Prakash directly at vpagarwal@gmail.com.

Dr Lee from Malaysia undergone fellowship in Hymenoplasty and revirgination and getting the certificate of same from Dr Vishwa Prakash

Read what our students say
Lee Seng Khoo
8:50 PM (9 hours ago)
To Dr. Vishwa Prakash 

Hi Dr Vishwa
Thank you for your mail.And I truly found your course the best investment I ever made.
I have done only one case of hymenoplasty and vaginal tightening(revirgination) so far.
The girl is now happily married. And I did another case last month- solitary vaginal tightening and V wedge excision
of labia minora for countouring.
And again there is one patient from Emirates who written to me 
after contacting you as she will be in Malaysia and prefers the procedure done here.
I also note that you now have a Rhinoplasty training course.
I may be intrested to join that program too.
Keep in touch, Dr vishwa.

2.Certificate in incontinence surgery.

Duration - 1 day

3.Certificate in female genital reconstruction.

Duration - 6 months

4.Certificate in erectile problems management.

Duration - 1 day

5.Certificate in pleasure enhancing sexual surgery.

Duration - 1day

6.Certificate course in cystocele repair with urinary incontinence

Duration -2 days
USD $500

The world over such coditions are not properly managed.We have devised new and simpler method for management of cystocele repair and associated management of urinary incontinence using mini dermal sling .It is good investment in this course .After the course you will be able to manage the problem in your own country and in your own patients very effectively .

7.Certificate course in vaginoplasty for agenesis of vagina

Duration 1 day
USD $500

Agenesis of vagina are not properly managed anywhere in the world.We have decribed triple flap vaginoplasty and after doing 250 cases i am proud to say that none of our patient had closure of space .

8.Certificate course in tummy tuck (Abdminoplasty) with or without caesarean and hysterectomy

Duration 1 day
USD $1000

We have described a new procedure of miniscar tummy tuck which can be combined with caesarean section or hysterectomy.You can learn the procedure in one day and use in your own country and on your own patients .Its give very good feeling to patient undergoing caesarean section ,to have flat abdomen after operation.

Eligibility -Applicant has to be a Plastic Surgeon or Gynecologist located anywhere in the world.

Course structure- Course is class room based ,with didactic lectures,hands on on models and video presentaations .Online course is also available on request.

The Course will be conducted by Dr Vishwa Prakash who has done extensive research in "Female Genital Reconstruction and cosmetic surgery."
After course participants are expected to be competent in carrying out revirgination surgeries.
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