Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.


(Hysterectomy) If planning to undergo removal of uterusvisit us once.

 "Recovery  without UTERUS REMOVAL a completely new technique.We can save you from complications of  UTERUS removal."

 We are expert of laparoscopically removal of uetrus,removal of only diseased part of uterus,simultaneous correction of loose pendulous abdomen,correction  0f loose  sexual organs and vaginal tightening at the same time .No such facilities are available at one place anywhere in world

There are various reasons  for which removal of uterus is recommended.One of those is excessive bleeding during menses.However , removal of uterus  disturbs the pelvic integrity of woman and also  few complications are  associted with hysterectomy  like injury to ureters.

Not only this almost all women undergoing hysterectomy have bad and loose abdomen ,which is not only cosmetically  disfiguring but results in various health problems like constipation , back pain, difficulty in walking etc.

Now with newer technique of PUMTMA the disease causing elements from uterus are removed ,uterus is not removed and loose  abdomen is corrected simultaneously.

This technique have many advantages over traditional technique 

-Disease causing elements from uterus are removed.

-Uterus as such is not removed

-No complications are associted with procedure.

-Abdomen is also corrected.

-There are no chances of vault prolapse

The same surgery is also being done  laparoscopically_The PUMTMA Technique  by laparoscope .And if abdomen is also loose,then by PUMTMA technique the diseased part of uetrus is removed and by tummy tuck the abdomen is corrected..It is now proved that complete removal of uterus cause  atrophy of ovary very soon leading to looss of libido and other hormonal related problems, and so world over gynecologists recommend supracervical hysterectomy in which some lower part of uterus is left behind.In our technique by leaving the uterus behind,and removing the diseased part ,not only the disease is cured , all hysterectmy related complications are lessened.


    This lady of 40 years is having heavy menses for which hysterectomy was advised.As the lady was having loose abdomen also so vaginal hysterectomy or lap hysterectmy were not preferred over VP,s method of hysterectomy.In this method which is described by dr Vishwa prakash for the first time in the world,ultrarapid tummy tuck is done with uterus removal.It requires just 15 minutes extra and costs just few thousands rupees extra.

    VP,s incision is made .this incision was described by Dr Vishwa Prakash for the first time in the world.

Advantage of VP"s method  over others

In Vp's method of incision the incision is made low and then abdominal wall is raised as flap.The advantage is that incision lies below panty line .


After tummy tuck you can appreciate flat abdomen just by spending 15 mts extra .

    The removed part of uterus and excess skin giving you flat abdomen.

if you are planning to undergo hysterectomy ,contact us from anywhere in india .Our is the only team having gynecologist and plastic surgeon.What we give is beautiful abdomen along with removal of uterus

Our Centers are located at New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Goa, Kashipur, Chennai in India.

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Dr.Vishwa Prakash and Dr Neeta Garg DGO.MD(Gynecologist)

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon( 22+ years surgical experience).The only recognized female genital reconstructive surgeon .

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