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Impotence and Premature Ejaculation

Impotence in your male partner.
Sex and sexual pleasure is divine.Whenever sex takes place the grip of vagina over the penis should be tight.If it is not tighter grip, the pleasure of sex will be less for both partners.So not only the vagina should be tight,the penis should be stiff like rod and erect.

It is proved now that sixty percent of the males are  impotent though they can have sex.They have some erection , are able to insert the penis , but as the penis is not stiff enough pleasure of sex is not achieved.These males are also called impotent .

This condition is correctable by simple operation of reconstruction,after which one can have stiff penis and so pleasure of sex is enhanced.

If your male partner is suffering with such type of impotence , don't hesitate to persuade him to such reconstruction.Not only you but he would also have increased pleasure of sex.

If some erection is present but it is not sufficient to insert the penis inside vagina
This is quite common condition .there is some erection but either it is not sufficient to be inserted in vagina or if the penis is inserted , it becomes loose inside vagina .Even oral drugs are not effective

For such patients we have described for the first time ,penile splinting. In this a rigid implant is inserted which comes in play when there is some erection .Otherwise it does not come in play.

Venoplasty, stem cell therapy and fat cell and gene implantations are few other therapies which are being used by us

Increasing the size of penis

Yes , size of the penis can be increased by plastic surgery and microsurgery

Increasing the size of flaccid penis

The size of flaccid penis can be increased by 1 to 1.5 inches very easily.However much increase of the size by 4 to 6 inches is also possible.
Dr VP's method of increasing the size of penis without causing any bad effect 

usually in the method of increasing the size, the suspensory ligament is cut which results in buckling of penis ,but to avoid this condition we described a procedure in which the divided ligament is reconstructed so that no bad effect results 

Increasing the size and rigidity of erect penis

Size and the rigidity of erect penis can be easily increased by dorsal venoplasty.
Impotency in diabetic patients 

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