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Infertility is the condition in which a couple does not become pregnant even after one year of unprotected sex.causes are

In females
causes of infertility are 
1.Blocked fallopian tubes 
2.No ovaries
3.Uterine problems or small uterus 

 Blocked Fallopian tubes
One of common cause of infertility is  blockage of fallopian tubes.These fallopian tubes are two in numbers and are about 10 cm long,joined on one end to uterus and other end is open in abdomen near ovaries.Through these open ends the ova enters the tubes and is fertilized there by the sperms.If tubes are blocked the ova cant enter the tubes and pregnancy cant take place .

What to do if tubes are blocked?

Simple examination of the fallopian tubes tells that tubes are open or blocked.If tubes are blocked  there are two options -microsurgery to open the blocked tubes or IVF.There  are  few microsurgeons in the world who are expert of opening the blocked fallopian tubes by microsurgery.If tubes are damaged beyond opening then we do repair of the tubes to make them patent . And we have high sucess rate of upto 90 percent.In the same way the tubectomy operation can also be opened.

We are the first plastic  and and microvascular surgeons surgeons in the world who have training in open microvascular surgery as well as laparoscopic microsurgery.We try to open the blocked tubes by laparoscopic microsurgery and are sucessful in majority of cases,but in few cases if we are not able to do the job laparoscopically,then we do open microsurgery.
However if tubes  cant be opened IVF is the answer.

In many females the uterus is abnormal,or small.In such cases the size of the uterus can be increasesd or surrogate mother can be used

Surrogate mothers-we arrange surrogate mothers in india for foreign as well as indian patients .For Further details you can contact Dr Vishwa Prakash directly at 9810115227 or vpagarwal@gmail.com

Enlarging size of uterus

Now the size of uterus can be increased by adding the muscle bulk to uterus so that one may become pregnant. 

Tube has been joined to uterus 

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