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Prolapse and Cytocele Repair

Prolapse is of uterus ,urinary bladder and rectum.

Prolpse of urinary bladder is also known as cystocele is being repaired since ages ,but gynecologists have not bothered for perineum.The patient hardly complain of severe sexual dysfunction,though inside her desire is for correction of vagina for enhancing sexual pleausre .We for the first time described that all such women and their partners ,even come for correction for prolapse ,their inherent desire is for correction of her vagina so as to get better sexual pleaure.

In following figure you can see cystocele and almost no vaginal sphincter and no perineum.There will be absolutely no pleasure of sex to any of the partner and male may not be able to maintain erection ,as maintenance of erection requires pressure over glans penis by vagina .

In the figure shown below  you can see,how the perineum reconstruction is done .You can see vaginal sphincter has been created ,and now sex would definitely be enjoyable .

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