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Revirgination FAQ

Frequenty asked questions before Hymenoplasty and Complete Revirgination.

1. Which operation I should undergo -Hymenoplasty or Complete Revirgination ?
Hymenoplasty is to create the hymen which is torn during first sex.If you had sex once or twice only, hymenoplasty may be sufficient for you.But if you had sex more times or with multiple partners, Complete Revirgination is better option.
Complete Revirgination includes creation of hymen, tightening of vagina and labiaplasty. This concept has been given by Dr Vishwa Prakash for the first time in the world. Usually Revirgination is supposed to be same as hymenoplasty. Dr. Vishwa Prakash proved for the first time that Hymenoplasty is creation of hymen and is not synonymous with Revirgination.

2. Is there any side effect in future pregnancy or deliveries ?

3. Will there be any scar after surgery?
NO, Nobody can come to know about surgery.

4. A gynecologist said hymen cant be created ?
Yes, Till now creation of hymen was not possible.but I have described many operations in the field of female and male genital reconstructions including hymenoplasty and revirgination. And now I am definitely creating hymen and revirgins almost daily.

5. I have got hymenoplasty done ,but there would be a hole or not?
Yes while doing hymenoplasty a hole is left in hymen so that menstrual blood may come out.

6. I had sex once only, how to know my hymen is torn or not?
Sex  tears the hymen .So if you had sex even once ,hymen is torn and revirgination require.

7.I did not do sex, how to know hymen is intact or not?
Pass a finger and if it passes inside with ease , perhaps your hymen is torn or loose ,and you need revirgination though you did not have sex.

8.I have contacted another doctor and he said that reconstructed hymen remains for one month only?
All such doctors are fraud.If you reconstruct any organ in body it remains for life .If you reconstruct the nose it remains for life. Not that reconstructed nose would last for one month only and you have to undergo reconstruction every month for whole life.Funny.Same way hymen once reconstructed would last for life or till you have sex .The one who says that he would reconstruct the hymen which would last for one month ,is fraud and is not reconstructing the hymen.He is just creating a wound which will bleed due to trauma on first night.As this wound will heal in one month time ,such doctors say that reconstructed hymen lasts for  5 days or 15 days or one month.Avoid such fraudulent doctors.

9.I have contacted one doctor and he says he would do hymenoplasty only and revirgination is in the mind,so need not to be done?

Nothing is in brain.If hymenoplasty is to be done then complete revirgination should also be done.Such doctors dont know how to do revirgination therefore they say that do hymenoplasty done only.Beware of all such doctors.Either get complere revirgination or dont get any surgery.Hymenoplasty alone would never give good results .

I have got emails and sms from hundreds of girls who said that some doctor had done hymenoplasty but it did not give desired results.Unfortunately their husbands came to know that they were   not virgins,however they had agreed  for them to undergo revirgination surgery  so that they can get a revirgin wife.

All theses girls undergo revirgination surgery but their husbands knew that they were not virgins.had they undergone revirgination surgery and chose a proper doctor they could have avoided this situation.
Choose the doctor carefully.It is question of life . 

10.How many day's bed rest is required?
You have to come for 2 hours in hospital.After 2 hours you can go back to your office or home.There is no bed rest required.There may be some pain for which pain killer tablets are advised.

11.Any chances of infection?
No.We give before and after operation a course of antibiotics and so there are no chances of infection taking place .

12. Preparation before Revirgination surgey.
Preparations before coming for operation.

1.Shave your private parts

2.Wash your private parts from inside for 3 days

3.Take a tablet Ciplox TZ  4 hours before operation with milk or biscuit.

4.Take a tablet combiflam with milk or biscuit 2 hours before operation

5.Take light diet and plenty of water.

6.If private parts are ugly looking, you can ask to make them prettier looking at same time as revirgination surgery by spending few thousands extra only. Many  a times women complain that they thought their large labia minora or ugly looking genitals would also be taken care of. Remember revirgination surgeries do not make your genitals prettier looking. For making your genitals prettier looking you have to undergo further surgery ,which if done along with revirgination surgery may just cost you 5000 rupees extra but if done separately would cost you 25000 to 35000 extra .

7.Many of our patients have complained that why they were  not told about this .They could have undergone this surgery also along with revirgination. If you are not sure of state of genitals,ask the doctor to examine and tell before operation whether she needs her genitals to be prettier,and if so desired, go along with revirgination surgery, it saves lot of cost.

13. Care after Revirgination surgey.

1.Take Tablet Ciplox TZ twice daily for 5 days.

2.Tablet combiflam whenever pain is there.Take half tablet at a time ,and you can take upto three tablets in a day.

3.There will be blood mixed discharge for 5-7 days ,apply sanitary pads and change them.Don't insert any thing inside vagina .After 5 days wash lightly from out side and apply neosporine ointment .

4.No need to take bed rest.

5.Can go to office immediately.No need to stay in hospital.

6.Cant ride scooter or bicycle for one month.

7.Cant lift heavy weight,avoid gym,dancing, jogging all for one month.

8.You can go by car , bus rail ,or plane

If you have any other query feel free to ask.

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