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The beautiful nose is hall mark of beautiful face .There are different problems in nose which ,if corrected , gives beauty to the face. This surgery is known as rhinoplasty or nose job.
Before Rhinoplasty

After Rhinoplasty beautiful nose

What is beautiful nose?

Beautiful nose is difficult to define. A nose which appears pleasing to beholder is beautiful nose.

It should not be very long

It should not be very short

It should not be very wide

It should not be irregular

It should not be depressed

It should be regular in out line

Academic perception of beautiful nose


Balance is assessed by dividing the face into horizontal thirds and vertical fifths.nose represents one third of length of face and one fifth of width.
In the absence of any other imperfection ,an unbalanced nose remians aesthetically unpleasant .

2.Ideal shape 

-Maintaining the brow tip aesthetic line
-Alar base witdht should lie just inside the vertical lines  extending from medial canthi
-On base view the upper third should represent tip lobule and lower two thirds represent columella and nostrils

Nose should be one third of face

Upper third represents lobule

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