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Super Hymen Creation

Creation of  Super hymen which is sure to bleed on first sexual encounter
This is our Super Exclusive Procedure
After doing hymenoplasty by different methods we realized that in few of the patients it may not bleed on first sexual encounter. It may be true for all virgins as well as revirgins. But all girls undergoing revirgination wish that they should bleed on first sexual encounter.

So we described a new procedure of hymenoplasty to create a SUPER HYMEN which is destined to bleed on first sexual encounter .

Simple hymen correction cause bleeding but it may be few drops only.Few women want that bleeding should be a lot and their bed sheet must be wet.In such patients we give two procedures  SuperHymenoplasty and creation of SuperFemale.

SuperHymenoplasty = Super Hymen Creation + Vagina Tightening + Correction of Labia Majora

Both procedures are copyrighted procedures.Nobody other than us can do it , as we have not taught any doctor the procedure of SuperHymenoplasty and SuperVaginoplasty. All the doctors ,who have learnt from us have learnt technique of simple Hymenoplasty only.
"What can be more safe than getting Revirginity/HYMENOPLASTY surgery done by a Plastic Surgeon who has defined technique of doing HYMENOPLASTY to the whole world, provides training on Hymenoplasty to other Plastic Surgeons and has authored multiple books and research papers on the topic of Female Genital Reconstruction"


The following patient had undergone hymenoplasty somewhere else. Her marriage was broken as she did not bleed on first night. It is not properly done hymenoplasty. Then she had undergone superhymenoplasty. It is copyrighted procedure and trade secret.We never tell anybody how it is done,but it is sure to bleed on first night.Patient after this procedure about one year back referred another girl and told that she was successfully married and had bleed on first night.

Before SuperHymenoplasty

After SuperHymenoplasty

In this procedure the bleeding on first night is a lot wetting the bed sheet.

This following girl  had broken her hymen and her vagina became loose with flare of labia .You can see the genitalia looks open.

The girl is having a septa in vagina and her vagina is too loose.

After creation of SuperHymenoplasty and SuperFemale.

Her husband wanted the tearing and gripping sensation over glans .This girl gave this to him .He could insert his penis after 4th attempt and he was very happy after that.Such girls never contact me after operation , nor I try to contact them.But we come to know sometimes when they refer any other girl and then  they talk to us regarding their experience.


In this procedure the vaginal fascia and mucles are tightened in a way that husband cries in pain and pleasure as he is having tearing sensations over his glans.

The precautions and other things are same as in Hymenoplasty.

However charges differ

Superhymenoplasty with simpe vaginoplasty and correction of labial flare -cost 60,000
superhymenoplasty with superfemale  supervaginoplasty) and correction of flare -costs 80,000

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