Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck(  9810115227) is laymen term for abdominoplasty,which means giving flat and sexy abdomen.Usually this procedure is used for women who have delivered the babies and wish to have flat abdomen.Tummy tuck should not be confused with liposuction.In tummy tuck all muscles and fascia of abdomen which become loose due to pregnancy are tightened,fat is removed and excess skin is also removed.All three procedures done together give flat shape to the abdomen.
The only problem of very big scar in abdominoplasty has been taken care of by us.
Dr Vishwa Prakash has devised a new technique in which very short scar is given on abdomen instead of very long scar
Dr Vishwa Prakash has also decribed for the first time that abdominoplasty can be combined with caesarean section as well as hysterectomy with out causing any problem .( 981

The pregnant patient.She had undergone tummytuck with caesarean section two years back.Note the VP's incision line which is very low in contrast to usual scars of caesarean section which are quite high in abdomen.The patient had come again for caesarean with tummy tuck operation

Same patient after tummy tuck with caesarean section .Note the flat abdomen along with very low scar.There is special technique to bring the caesarean scar so low which has been described by Dr Vishwa Prakash

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