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Vaginal Piercing

Piercing in females

In females following organs are pierced





5.clitoral hood

6.Labia majora

7.Labia minora 


9.Mons pubis


Nipple             Nipple piercing is usually avoided in unmarried females or those who wish to have children.

Breast             Breast piercing is done just near nipples and can be done in any women.

Navel              Navel piercing can be done in any women and is safe .

Mons Pubis               Is area above genitals  where hair are situated .It is best area if you wish to wear long ornaments. 

Clitoral piercing  Should be avoided .Is unsafe and may lead to pain for months or years 

Clitoral hood piercing -Is safe .

Labia majora piercing -Is safe 

Labia minora and vaginal piercing -are unsafe .

Where to get it done 

Dont get it done by nonmedical persons .If infection takes place then you may be in trouble.It should be done in operation theatre in hospital settings under sterile conditions .Charges by doctors may be more ,but it would be safe Dont get by doctors who are not routinely doing this type of work.

Usual healing time is seven days .You can remove and wear the ornament as many times as you wish.


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Navel Clitoral and Vaginal Piercing

Navel piercing is done to add fashion. However clitoral piercing or vaginal piercing is done to sexually arise the male partner. In the same way prepurial piercing and penile gold beads implant over penis is done to increase the aesthetic sense of penis.

Gold beads implantation over penis

The procedure increases the sexual pleasure to woman

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