Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.


What can be more unfortunate for a women to have divorce because she could not allow her male partner to insert penis inside her vagina 

VP's flap correction is the only procedure in the world which helps thousands of women alover the world who could not have sex bcause of vaginismus.The fact is dilatation , psychotherapy , botox nothing helps and most of the time matrimonial problems arise .


vaginismus-Inability of female to allow insertion of penis


Vaginismus is defined according to DSM IV -TR criteria as recurrent or persistent involunatry spasm of the muscles of the lower third of the vagina,which interferes with coitusand causes distress and interpersonal difficulty.It has been classified as primary when the woman has never experienced nonpainful penetrative sexual intercourse  and as secondary when she has experienced nonpainful penetrative sexual intercourse in the past 

There are different therapies advocated including psychotherapy and botox.But usually no therapy helps and rightly so.Author dr Vishwa Prakash asks when there is spasm of the musculature ,the right way of the treatment would be to incise or cut the muscles to relieve the spasm and resulting wound to be closed by flap.

Dr Vishwa Prakash has recently described VP's labia minora flap for such defect and has relieved innumerable women from allover the world by this method.

Method is simple and perhaps the only treatment modality for helping such patients .


 This young women was married for 5 years from Australia and did not had sex because of vaginismus.All methods of dilatation ,and botox were used but were of no use .Both were frustrated.Then they came to us in India.We did VP's flap surgery and to our surprise they could have sex on 21st day sucessfully.


In vaginismus vaginal opening is normal,This photo has been taken when the patient was under anesthesia.It shows normal vaginal opening ,


In VP's flap surgery the superficial muscles which are hypertonic are cut and a flap raised from Labia minora is stitched.


The operation works for all women who are suffering from vaginismus .Other procedures like Fenton's result in more scarring and most of time patient is labelled as suffering with psychiatric problems.

VP's flap is the only answer for vaginismus .

If you could not have sex after marriage ,may be You are suffering with vaginismus and our method of flap transfer would help you in gaining normal sexual life.For further details you can contact at

Dr Vishwa Prakash directly at vpagarwal@gmail.com

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