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Due to repeated sex or deliveries the vagina becomes loose because of which the grip of vagina over the penis is lost.

This grip is essential for sexual pleasure.Tighter the grip, better pleasure to both the partners.Now by genital plastic surgery the loose genital organs can be given the original tighter grip.

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Dr Vishwa Prakash ,while delivering the lecture at   Coimbatore on 10th sept 2011 in national conference of plastic surgeons, told that no where in academic literature vaginal looseness is described. He questioned the plastic surgeons ,what is loose vagina .He told that when grip of vagina over the penis is lost ,vagina is loose .(Copyrighted statment from dr Vishwa prakash).

He said when he started his practive about 20 years back and the patients came complaining vaginal looseness,he asked his senior plastic surgeons and gynecologists and everybody suggested that excise the part of vagina  in v shape and tighten the vagina.He did it initially and all patients landed up in trouble and started having pain during sex.Then he started doing research and discarded the procedure  of excision of the vagina  and rightely so.Vagina is not static tube ,if you tighten the vagina by removing the part of vagina ,   vagina is tightened ,but whenever sex will take place , there would be pain.So he described a procedure in which the vagina  is not excised rather rugae are created and support of     vagina is tightened
(Copyrighted procedure of rugae creation and tightening of vagina by tighhtening the supportive tissue .)

Dr Vishwa Prakash told the plastic surgeons  that it is tragedy that there is no research carried out in this field with which almost all women of whole world are affected sometime in their life .

Dr Vishwa Prakash got a patient from USA who said that Dr Vishwa Prakash you tighten deep tissue in the vagina as the doctors over here in USA have suggested.

What nonesense!

Dr vishwa Prakash was amazed at the knowledge of some of the doctor from USA. Tightening the vagina is done for enhancement of sexual pleasure and it is limited to outer third only.When men insert the penis in vagina and vagina grips the penis ,there is pleasure of sex .

The AH! which comes out
is  sign of sexual pleasure...After initial entry and Ah! vagina has to be loosened .All efforts of tightening of the vagina have to be limited to lower third and not up.More surgical dissections other than lower third , more problems .
(Copyrighted statement from dr Vishwa Prakash-presented to association of plastic surgeons of india 's national conference )
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The only plastic surgeon in the world who has done extensive research in the field of sexual female genital reconstructions and bent upon helping thousands  of women from world over in sexual genital reconstructions .
He has said that all treatment of female genitals and female genitals reconstructions should be linked with improvement of sexual anatomy of female so that not only the woman but her counterpart both get the maximum pleasure of sex.

This young lady from australia is having prolapse of uterus and cystocele .She came to india after finding about Dr vishwa Prakash for sexual pleasure enhancement surgery alongwith prolapse correction.

Everywhere in the world,prolapse surgery is done but with no attention paid to sexual pleasure enhancement surgery.
Dr vishwa Prakash for the first time described that prolapse correction should alwys be combined with bulbospongioplasty so that the grip of vagina over the penis is restored.
Remember it is the grip of vagina over penis which enhances the sexual pleasure.

The same patient.Prolapse has been corrected alongwith bulbospongioplasty ,which restores the grip of vagina over the penis and enhances the sexual pleasure .You can find in above photo how the bulbospongioplasty restored the structure of labia which now appear more bulky restoring the sexual appeal of woman.(copyrighted procedure )

Dr Vishwa Prakash is of opinion that female genitals should be respected for sexual function.Whatever reconstruction  one does over female genitals ,one should always keep in mind the sexual function.Many a times woman may not say,but they want ,pleasure of of sex for themselves as well as for their partners .

Dr Vishwa Prakash recalls how a lady from Newzealand with prolapse came to him in india .She said sex is not very important , I just want the prolapse to be corrected.Dr Vishwa said Ok then I will not do sexual pleasure enhancement surgery.The women squeaked. Doctor from Newzeland, i have come for this to you.If i wanted my prolpase to be corrected , I could have  got it done it in Newzeland .But Doctor you should understand , even we , from developed countries dont say directly for sexual enhancement , though we want .and she smiled.

Sex is important part of life and loose vagina not only diminishes sexual pleaure in women but men also.This has been proved by various researches but alas! world over gynaecologists do not recognize looseness of vagina as a problem and so not procedure had been described .

Dr Vishwa Prakash has come across many women who had gone to gynecologists with complaint of loose vagina and they did not entertain their complaints . 

See what the research says 


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Int J Impot Res. 2013 May 16. doi: 10.1038/ijir.2013.25. [Epub ahead of print]

Does vaginal delivery affect postnatal coitus?

Cai LZhang BLin HXing WChen J.


Department of Infertility and Sexual Medicine, The Third Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China.


The concern that vaginal birth will result in loose vagina and negatively affect their postnatal sexual life is one of the main reasons that many women choose cesarean section. Here we aimed to implement a new device to measure and compare the intra-vaginal pressures between women who gave vaginal birth and those who had cesarean section, and to evaluate the relationship between sexual function and type of delivery by Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI). A total of 165 women including 88 in the vaginal-delivery group and 77 in the cesarean-delivery group were recruited in the study. Significant differences in intra-vaginal pressures were found between the two groups, and intra-vaginal pressures of vaginal-delivery group were lower than those of cesarean-delivery group. Significant difference was also found in coitus time. 

Reasearch proves that intravaginal pressure is lowered after child birth which means that grip of vagina over penis will be lowered or finished which will affect sexual pleasure in both male and female partners .Even after this gynaecologists world over do not recognize it a problem.
Dr vishwa Prakash has described ruage creation method of vagina tightening which gives good results 

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