Dr. Vishwa Prakash MBBS,MS,MCh Innovative Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon,Microsurgeon and female genital reconstructive surgeon  22+ years Surgical Experience.

Mole and Scar Removal without scar

There are almost 15 percent people who have scars or moles over face which do not look nice. Usual method is to excise the moles or scars and close in different ways. It always leaves a line. There is no method in the world where line may not remain after excision of mole.

Dr Vishwa Prakash ,MBBS.MS.MCh ,a renowned Plastic and Cosmetic surgeon who have innovated many newer techniques in the field of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery including the one  for management of scars  and moles over face in which there is no scar or lines are left behind .It has become possible by use of  stem cell technology.

How we remove scar and mole without scar?

Usually scars or moles are removed and skin is joined together which gives a line .In our method closure of skin is not done ,so no lines,rather defect is filed with stem cells.

You can see there is no ugly line.You go to any Plastic Surgeon , he will say that a line would be there.Stem cell technique being  latest is not available at many places.We are using the stem cell technology to give scar less removal of moles and scars.

The  young girl had visited many plastic surgeons but answer from every body was some pull over lips and lines would remain after plastic surgery.Then they approached me and we did operation using stem cell technology and within one month result is no pull over lips and no lines of stitches. In net one month nobody can ever know that some surgery had been done .

After two months you can see the absolutely plain cheeks.No lines of surgery or stitch marks while plastic surgeons were advising that some lip defect would result.

The scar over cheek 

After operation she was so much satisfied that she did not come for further sitting
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